OBJECTIVE: The B.L.I.S Course or the Bachelor of library and information sciences is a multi-disciplinary study concerns the vanous facts of library management. The field of Library Sciences is a combination of vanous other fields and each of these fields are interdependent on the other. The area of study in the B.L I S Course includes the collection of various types of informational materials like books, CDs. Newsletters, newspapers, magazines and other pointed as well as audio visual material. The other areas include the management of the material so obtained, the organization of the material to make it easily accessible, preservation of the books and other materials from damage or decay and dissemination of the resources in such a way that it becomes useful for the person needing it.

ELIGIBIUTY: An undergraduate degree from any University that is recognized and the undergraduate degree can be in any discipline. The requirement of percentage depends on each University, however, a minimum percentage of at least 45% is usually required. At times, some universities offer the B.L.I.S Course at the undergraduate level for which the eligibility cntena is a pass in the higher secondary or the 10+2 examination.

DURATION OF THE COURSE: The duration of the course is usually one year made up of two semesters, however, there are some institutions that have extended the Bachelor of Library and Information Sciences (B.L.I.S) Course further.

Total Fee
1 Year
Semester Fee